Insulin Resistance Check

Are you at risk of Insulin resistance?

A vicious circle

Insulin resistance means that insulin is no longer able to perform its function correctly in the body and is a state where the body cells are unable to take in glucose from the bloodstream efficiently.

The consequence: Blood sugar levels will rise and remain high. To counteract the elevated glucose levels, the body will produce even more insulin. This long-term state of high insulin production can result in the insulin producing cells becoming exhausted.

Insulin resistance is often an early predictor of Type 2 diabetes, and can be present years before diabetes is actually diagnosed. If detected, insulin resistance can be successfully treated through diet. Dietary intervention can allow hormone balance to normalise, which could help prevent Type 2 diabetes and its associated complications.

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Insulin Resistance Check:

Please ask your coach to help you with the following values:

Value Points
Body Mass Index (BMI)
Over 26
Over 30
Blood pressure (mm/Hg)
Over 140/90
Fasting glucose
Over 110

Fasting glucose in Diabetes
Over 100
Triglycerides (mg/dl)
Over 230


Total Cholesterol (mg/dl)
Over 230


  • 0 points. Insulin resistance is unlikely.
  • 1-3 points. Insulin resistance is probable.
  • 4-8 points. Insulin resistance is highly probable. Please discuss this with your coach.