Metabolic Balance® Long-Distance

We are there for you, wherever you are


1. Registration and confirmation of payment

Register today to receive your own personal nutrition plan.


2. Post from Metabolic Balance®

In a few days you will receive a starter pack by post.
This includes:

  • A client questionnaire
  • A blood sample kit
  • A covering letter for your doctor
  • A small guidebook

3. Client questionnaire

First fill out the client questionnaire. This contains important information about your goals, your current health and your individual eating habits.


4. The blood sample

Make an appointment with your doctor or medical practitioner of your choice.
Please request that they take a blood sample for you and centrifuge it using the blood test kit provided.


5. Post to Metabolic Balance®

Using the self-addressed and pre-paid envelope, send us back your blood sample and client questionnaire.


6. Telephone call from Metabolic Balance®

After a short time, you will receive a telephone call to confirm your details.


7. Your personal nutrition plan

A few days later, you will receive your personal Metabolic Balance® nutrition plan. You are now ready to start your journey and can now choose whether you wish to be coached by telephone or online.

Start your personal nutrition plan today

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