More chickpeas on your plate!

Friday, June 20, 2014

Chickpeas are one of the most protein rich members of the legume family. Due to their high protein content, they are sometimes referred to as the ‘chicken of the vegetable kingdom’.  They are therefore rich in amino acids and contain just 5% fat. They also contain above average amounts of potassium and magnesium (required for the heart and nervous tissue) as well as phosphorous and calcium (for the bones). In addition, they contain vitamins A and B complex as well as traces of vitamin C and E.

Not only great in curries, chickpeas are also delicious in salads, dips and casseroles. They can even make a great snack. To make healthy chickpea bites: first drain the cooked or tinned chickpeas. Next spread them on kitchen towel to dry. When completely dry, fry gently in a thick based frying pan without oil, in the same way you would dry-dry hazelnuts. Season with salt or spices of your choice. When crispy, serve as a delicious crunchy snack.

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Birgit Funfack

Birgit Funfack is a naturopath and represents the continued interface between science and technology. Today, she is managing director of Metabolic Balance®. She ensures that the vision set out by her husband, Dr Wolf Funfack, is continually maintained and developed.

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