Autumn Treasures

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Strawberries in the autumn?

All top class chefs, worth their weight in gold, know that the best quality fruits and vegetables are always grown locally and in season.  Of course we all know that reducing the transport time of our food is better for the environment, but there are two other arguments for choosing our food in this way. Firstly, locally sourced produce clocks up less food miles, meaning it can be picked at its prime for taste and flavour. This is why produce from the farmers market is especially aromatic. In addition, shorter travel and storage times ensure that the produce is at its peak for essential vitamins and minerals. Locally farmed produce also complies to higher quality standards, and due to seasonality, they are often harvested in abundance meaning a cheaper price for the consumer. So eating seasonal produce from your region really is better for your health and your wallet.

Look out for apples, pears, pumpkins and squash!

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Birgit Funfack

Birgit Funfack is a naturopath and represents the continued interface between science and technology. Today, she is managing director of Metabolic Balance®. She ensures that the vision set out by her husband, Dr Wolf Funfack, is continually maintained and developed.

Silvia Bürkle

Silvia Bürkle graduated as a food technologist. As an expert in food and its various components, she is the mastermind behind the nutrition plan. She is the co-founders of Metabolic Balance and the author of many cookbooks on Metabolic Balance®. She is responsible for projects as well as heading webinars, training sessions and conferences.

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