Goodbye Toxins

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Simply exhale

With each breath, oxygen is transported to the cells and waste products move out of the cells and into the lymphatic system. Lymph is the fluid which occupies the space between the cells. In order to reach the lymph, the toxins have to first get out of the cell. Unlike the heart, cells do not have a pump or vascular system, so this movement is controlled by breathing. The movement of the lungs, gently presses on and squeezes the lymph ducts. The lymph then begins to flow when the thoracic duct, a finger width vessel in the chest, is pressed empty through the movement of breathing. When the duct is empty, new lymph fluid will automatically be drawn in to fill the space.  This means that correct breathing can actually help to detoxify our organs. Carbon dioxide (CO2), which forms carbonic acid when it is dissolved in liquids, is exhaled directly via the lungs. So by exhaling carbon dioxide we effectively breathe out the carbonic acid. Deep breathing is the best way of de-acidifying the body, and is even more effective than renal excretion or drinking alkaline salts.

The health of a cell crucially depends on how much oxygen it receives and how much waste it can expel. Therefore it makes sense to be more aware of our breathing and to breathe deeply and mindfully as often as we can. To breathe correctly: sit up straight, close your eyes and breathe deeply several times, first in and then out again. Then breathe, in sequence, through the different areas of her body: first into the neck, then the chest, the abdomen and lastly throughout the whole body supplying it with oxygen as you go. This exercise takes only a few minutes and provides energy for several hours.
Goodbye toxins!

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