Food Trends – a closer look

Wednesday, September 30, 2015


Sushi was yesterday – today we should be eating Ceviche. This Peruvian national dish has become the latest culinary trend. This simple meal combines marinated fish with vegetables or fruit – a dish that fits perfectly with the way we eat on Metabolic Balance©. 

Unlike sushi, Ceviche is not really eaten raw. The fish is marinated in lemon or lime juice which, in a similar way to cooking, causes the proteins to denature. This dish is light and delicious, mostly being served with fresh fruit or vegetables, such as; avocado, onion or fresh bell peppers. 

Metabolic Balance and food trends – the perfect combination!

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Birgit Funfack

Birgit Funfack is a naturopath and represents the continued interface between science and technology. Today, she is managing director of Metabolic Balance®. She ensures that the vision set out by her husband, Dr Wolf Funfack, is continually maintained and developed.

Silvia Bürkle

Silvia Bürkle graduated as a food technologist. As an expert in food and its various components, she is the mastermind behind the nutrition plan. She is the co-founders of Metabolic Balance and the author of many cookbooks on Metabolic Balance®. She is responsible for projects as well as heading webinars, training sessions and conferences.

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