Success Story

Fit as a fiddle

What made you try Metabolic Balance®?

I was overweight for several years and had tried many diets. They worked at the beginning but none of them could maintain my weight in the long-term. It was only through MB, that I found a healthy way to lose weight and an enjoyable way to keep it off.

How did you feel before Metabolic Balance®?

High blood pressure, chronic oesophageal reflux and night sweats were part of daily life. It was a state that I become used to, but eventually it lead to a deterioration in my health and quality of life.

Why Metabolic Balance®?

Although I was sceptical at first, it seemed a very logical nutritional concept and I was 100% convinced. MB is simple, easy to understand and extremely adaptable.

How did you find the programme?

Super! With a little forward planning, I even managed to combine it with my busy professional life. The biggest challenge was the strict adjustment phase.

What is the biggest change since starting Metabolic Balance®?

I was able to stop taking pills against acid reflux and reduce the ones against high blood pressure considerably. Furthermore, I don't have hot sweats anymore and I feel fit as a fiddle. My clothes are now two sizes smaller than before and I can now wear more modern clothes. I feel like I have won my quality of life back by 100% and couldn't be happier.

Garhard H. - Davor und danach

Gerhard H., age 65

lost around 25 kg