Success Story

I was missing the right balance

What made you try Metabolic Balance®?

Before Metabolic Balance I did a lot of sport to regulate my weight. During that time, I changed my family doctor and by doing so coincidentally met my future coach. He made me realise that through sport alone, I was not going to be able to reach my goals. I ate quite healthily, but not optimally for my metabolism. This is really the way I got to know Metabolic Balance®.

How did you feel before Metabolic Balance®?

I didn't have any health problems, but I felt stuck in a vicious circle regarding nutrition and sports. In order to lose weight, I did more and more sport. The more active I became, the more food my body craved. I was missing the right balance.

Why Metabolic Balance®?

I liked the idea of just eating the foods that were right for my body. The individual nutrition plan convinced me. At the same time, the precise guidelines were perfect for me. I wanted to learn how to eat the right foods in the right amounts, before feeling confident enough to move onto a more 'freestyle-nutrition'.

How did you find the programme?

In the first week I could really feel the detoxification. I had headaches, but I endured them as I knew why I was doing this. After that week, I felt clean and light. I still like to stick to my nutrition plan even in the maintenance phase. Even though I enjoy a 'treat-meal' from time to time, I do not really feel as good the next day. If I eat according to my plan, I feel a lot better.

What is the biggest change since starting Metabolic Balance®?

I didn't just succeed in maintaining my body weight with Metabolic Balance®, but I also quit smoking at the same time. Furthermore, I am more aware of the required amount of food for my body and eating in excess has come to an end.

Ilona L., age 35

Lost around 10 kg