Success Story

I was hit by a stroke

What made you try Metabolic Balance®?

At the end of November 2010 I had a stroke in my right arm. More specifically, an arterial occlusion. I was terrified and needed an emergency operation! At the time, I weighed 80 kg and at 1.68 m, was wearing a dress size of 42-44. I was also a smoker.

How did you feel before Metabolic Balance®?

I had neurodermatitis and up until my stroke was not able to sleep properly. That was almost unbearable. I was on sick leave 4-5 times a year, so my life wasn't really enjoyable. Also, I had never really been slim.

Why Metabolic Balance®?

My friend told me about it. So I looked up in the internet and I found a certified coach in my area. I liked the concept of individual supervision and the blood test.

How did you find the the programme?

After a week, I was 3.4Kg lighter and was able to sleep through the night.

My goal was a very incredulous 12 kg. But, in reality, it turned out to be 23 kg! I reached my new weight in October 2011 and I have maintained a dress size of 36 to this day. I look completely different now and many of my customers don't recognise me anymore- very funny!

What is the biggest change since starting Metabolic Balance®?

I ride my mountain bike regularly with my boyfriend and I am no longer the 'lame duck' who is always trying to catch up. Just recently, I had an analysis at my gym where my biological age was 24!!!

Of course I still have neurodermatitis, but I can handle it much better than before and I now know which foods are right for me.

Petra K., age 40

Lost 23 kg in 11 months

Pre-existing illnesses: Stroke, neurodermatitis, insomnia